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Mansell & Mansell are the best attorneys I have ever dealt with.

I was in an accident and they made sure I had the best care, and they were so kind that I forgot they were attorneys and felt like we were friends. They made sure I was fully compensated beyond belief. I pray it never happens again but if it does I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else. I have told everyone about my experience. Thank you again Renee Ayala and Bob Mansell.

- Sonja C.

Los Angeles, CA

The whole team EXCEEDED my expectations!

I was awarded more money for my motorcycle accident then I had ever dreamed! They were with me through the entire process, from my hospital bed, through litigations, and then cut me a HUGE check. Sherri in the office is SUPER SWEET and so attentive to her clients needs!THEY EVEN LENT ME $1000 to get back on my feet right after the accident, without knowing that I would be able to pay them back!Mansell & Mansell has been a blessing for me and my family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

- Andrew M.

Los Angeles, CA

An Outstanding Lawyer and Team!

Robert Mansell is a true gem of a lawyer and a person. I cannot recommend him highly enough. When 4 other lawyers had turned me down because my case was not an easy slam dunk, Robert Mansell saw what all the others had overlooked and took it on immediately. He is a mild-mannered, gracious and seasoned pro who doesn’t need to make a lot of noise to make his point. Strategically clever, he deftly negotiated a substantial settlement far in excess of what I expected. The mediator on my case was so impressed that she told me very few lawyers could have accomplished what he did. In addition to that, on his own accord, he took money out of his fee and quietly added it to my settlement check because he could surmise that I was going to have a hard time replacing my car which had been totalled in the accident. It is a generous act of kindness that I will never forget. He is not only a FANTASTIC lawyer but clearly cares about his clients. His office staff, especially Renee Ayala, are every bit as wonderful! I have referred friends to him since then and he and Renee have been wonderful with each and every one of them. It is a delight to write this recommendation about him and his office.

- Justine Estee

Los Angeles, CA

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