New Study Shows that Motorcycle Crashes Cause Five Times as Many Deaths as Car Accidents

Motorcycle Accident / December 3, 2017

Most people are aware of the catastrophic consequences of a serious motorcycle accident but a new study has attempted to articulate exactly how much more likely someone has to suffer severe injuries or death in a motorcycle accident when compared with a vehicle accident. Any kind of crash could be severe, but when a motorcyclist is thrown off the bike, safety gear can only do so much to minimize the impact of the accident. That’s part of what makes a lawyer so important in the management of a legal claim, because the injuries are likely to be serious.

A motorcyclist has no protection against the elements and can easily be thrown from the bike and crash into other obstacles or oncoming traffic. Even when using appropriate safety gear such as a helmet, someone who is hurt in a motorcycle crash could sustain severe and life-threatening injuries.

University of Toronto researchers analyzed seven years of data about adults hospitalized due to a motorcycle or car crash in Ontario, identifying that motorcyclists were three times as likely to be injured and five times as likely to die as other motorists. The medical expenses tied to motorcycle accidents were six folds the counterparts for vehicle accidents.

Motorcyclists found themselves far outnumbered by drivers in local hospitals, however, they were much more likely than a typical motorist to be admitted to a clinic in the first place. Motorcycle accident victims in Canada tended to be 36 years of age on average which was younger than the typical crash victim. The vast majority of motorcycle accident victims were male, coming in at 81% of all those studied.

If you or someone you know has already been injured in a serious motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, you need to consult with an injury attorney who will do everything possible to recover maximum compensation for you. There are many critical and complex legal elements involved in the management of a motorcycle crash claim and the right lawyer is essential for putting your needs first.

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