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Southern California is Tops for Fatal Accidents

Most people already know that accidents might be common anywhere, but research shows that Southern California is often home to many fatal accidents. The sad news about fatal crashes is that most of them can be avoided, so long as the person behind the wheel avoids dangerous and destructive behaviors that put others at risk. One of the leading arguments behind the development of autonomous cars has to do with the fact that so many…

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Some of The Most Deadly Roads in The United States Are in California

What You Need To Know About The Deadliest Roads In The USA Most people who live in heavily trafficked areas such as California, know they are facing a higher risk of being involved in an accident every time they get behind the wheel. However, plenty of studies have looked at the likelihood of an accident and fatal accidents based on where you drive in the United States. In 2016, there were more than 40,000 road…

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Los Angeles Now Facing Rising Costs for Bike Crash Lawsuits

Bike crashes could lead to many injuries and even lawsuits against the responsible parties. While a driver who wasn’t paying attention could also be held responsible in a lawsuit with severe injuries, sometimes the city responsible for maintaining a portion of the street could also be named in a lawsuit. That’s been the case for numerous lawsuits against the city of Los Angeles in the past couple of years. A rising number of bike crash…

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Study Finds That Distracted Driving Crashes Was a Leading Cause of Fatalities in 2016

Think you can handle looking down at your phone or talking to someone else in the car without your driving function being affected? So do most people, but they are not always right. This can mean that you only learn the true impact of distracted driving problems after it’s too late and you’ve been hurt in a serious accident. You could be found liable just for not paying attention and someone could get hurt. Distracted…

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New Study Shows Where the Traffic is the Worst in Los Angeles

Anyone who has spent time driving on Los Angeles roads knows that it can be a dangerous place and a frustrating one to be. However, researchers from USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering’s Integrated Media System Center found data evaluated over the course of several years to figure out where the traffic is the worst. Higher levels of traffic make it more likely that anyone passing through during congested times might wind up in a critical…

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New Study Shows that Motorcycle Crashes Cause Five Times as Many Deaths as Car Accidents

Most people are aware of the catastrophic consequences of a serious motorcycle accident but a new study has attempted to articulate exactly how much more likely someone has to suffer severe injuries or death in a motorcycle accident when compared with a vehicle accident. Any kind of crash could be severe, but when a motorcyclist is thrown off the bike, safety gear can only do so much to minimize the impact of the accident. That’s…

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The Role of Accident Reconstruction

Unfortunately, accidents can leave victims with serious injuries and damage. You may not be able to capture all of the relevant details of the accident at the scene which is why it is important to retain an attorney which has experience with accident reconstruction. Did you know that lawyers and experts might work together to reconsider how the accident happened? Clues left behind in the form of evidence could be used to recover compensation for…

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How to Treat a Dog Bite Wound

Unfortunately, dog bites are often much more severe than they look. In some cases, they can cause serious infection and even death. While some bites are unavoidable, learning how you can prevent a dog attack can be useful information in many situations. Here’s what to do and what steps you should take if you or a loved one were the victim of a dog bite. Avoid Strange Dogs Strange dogs who aren’t familiar with you…

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Top 5 Things to Do At the Scene of a Car Accident

What you do (and say) after a car accident can have a significant impact on the case that follows. There are several things you should do to ensure the likelihood that your claim will be successful. Here are 5 tips for the scene of the accident and who to call after a motor vehicle collision has wreaked havoc on your life. 1. Don’t Admit Fault It may seem like instinct to rush to the other…

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